Drupal development services

Drupal development services

Drupal has been in use at our company Quicksol LLC for years. Small and big Drupal websites were among the dozens of Drupal websites that we created. Our technique guarantees that systems of any scale are delivered and operated in an efficient manner. Because Drupal allows us to give our clients with a great deal of value at a reasonable price, we like developing websites using this platform. Drupal makes this feasible because of the enormous number of pre-built components available. We also love the fact that this CMS is secure. There are a number of systems that make it up, including the option of saving the website configuration to.yml files for later use, an error reporting system that records any security violation, and sophisticated permission management. Drupal has evolved into much more than simply a platform for creating a small corporate website in recent years. It is one of the most fundamental marketing and advertising systems, and it is often the most crucial in a given firm. Drupal effectively handles the functions of an online marketplace as well as a system for providing big volumes of material to a large number of users or other external systems. It is also well suited for specialized internal systems such as customer relationship management (CRM), document exchange, and intranet systems.

Our Drupal Development Services Includes;

Existing systems are being improved:

Many of our customers came to us with an existing Drupal-based website or application that they wanted to improve. They need a strong staff that would assist them in the constant improvement of their system. Quicksol LLC is the best in the business at what we do. We can easily discover ourselves in the middle of an actual prototype and begin delivering new features and functions. Our team does not need a significant amount of time to comprehend a system developed by other developers. We knew what to anticipate because of our years of expertise. Our Drupal development team will not only complete the duties allocated to it, but it will also provide recommendations for improvements and assist you in establishing the overall direction of your systems engineering. We also create user interfaces and user experiences, as well as do A/B testing. This approach allows you to determine whether version of an examined piece of your website works better than the other.

Transition to Drupal:

Drupal is a system that is always being improved. Being up to speed with its most recent enhancements allows you to take use of even more of the incredible possibilities it provides. In the event that you wish to upgrade your Drupal 6, 7, or 8 website to the latest version, or if you want to relocate your website from another system, we will be more than delighted to assist you! Our Drupal development company has completed a large number of data migrations, the vast majority of which included databases containing several hundred thousand entries about content and users, as well as other information. We are not intimidated by large numbers, but we are also capable of migrating to smaller systems. When moving to Drupal, we may make improvements to the system and its database design, add new functions, and tailor the CMS to your specific business requirements at the same time.

Using Drupal to integrate with other systems:

We successfully linked more than 80 different systems utilizing technologies such as, XML, XML-RPC, SOAP, and REST/JSON etc. We integrated Drupal with mobile apps, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems, as well as devices running Linux and Android. PayPal, Dotpay, Freshmail, Mailchimp, Mautic, and Magento are just a few of the external services with which we have linked Drupal.

Drupal search engine optimization audit:

Because Google Search generates the vast majority of all internet traffic, it is critical to optimize your website's search engine optimization (SEO). We have a great deal of expertise in search engine optimization. The trends and algorithm updates that affect Drupal websites are regularly monitored by us, and we can do a complete SEO audit of a Drupal website. We look at its speed and the elements that influence it, as well as how well it works on mobile devices and how safe it is. Once the audit is completed, we will be able to put into effect the suggestions that were made as a result of it.

Modules and themes for Drupal:

Users dislike websites that are difficult to navigate or that are aesthetically unappealing. Appearance is really significant since it decides whether or not you will be able to win over new clients. At Quicksol LLC, we place a strong focus on the user experience and the design of our products. We work with our customers to design programs that are rock-solid, elegant, and helpful all at the same time, and we assist them do so. We design visuals and themes for the Drupal content management system. We make use of cutting-edge technologies such as Bootstrap 4, Twig, SCSS, and others. Making a mock-up of a home page is the first step in developing new templates for us. After that, we repeat the process for the subpages. The next stage involves the creation of vector illustrations for subpages. And, at the conclusion of the process, we design a Drupal theme that is based on them.

You're not sure which Drupal module to use to fulfil your specific requirements? We can help. We can advise you on which of the currently available modules will be the most appropriate for your needs. Also, we have the capability of expanding its capabilities in order to meet your needs or developing a more sophisticated module that has not yet been established. Any task that can be programmed in PHP, we can complete! Modules that we've previously created have assisted our clients in connecting Drupal with other systems, enhancing editing chores on information-rich websites, and expanding the capabilities of Drupal Commerce.

Drupal code audit service:

Due to its enormous potential, Drupal has emerged as a fantastic system. However, it provides for much too much flexibility at times, and the code quality of certain Drupal modules leaves much to be desired. You have the option of ordering an audit of your website's code. Every project that we work on goes through a code review procedure, which is normal practice in our industry. We'll go through the code in your system and point out any possible options for speeding it up, boosting its security, or improving its overall quality and functionality.

We design and develop websites on the Drupal platform from the ground up. Everything from website architectural planning to host to graphic design to coding to testing to performance optimization and post-implementation assistance is covered by our comprehensive website construction services. You will benefit from the knowledge and experience of our group of developers, testers, UX designers, DevOps professionals, and project managers as they share their knowledge and lead you through the software development process.

Drupal optimization for speed and responsiveness:

Overly complicated data structures, poor system setup, or your server's performance may all contribute to decreased Drupal efficiency. We are experts in optimizing Drupal websites for performance. Using NewRelic and Blackfire logs, we are able to identify performance issues in the tested systems and then offer a suggestion for how to resolve the issues discovered. By creating a scalable and adaptable infrastructure, we can also cope with spikes in traffic that occur on an irregular or regular basis on your website. This method is also more cost-effective since the expenditure rises during periods of heavy traffic and decreases during periods of low traffic. AWS AutoScalling, for example, is a service that assists us in accomplishing all of these goals.

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